Monday, December 29, 2014

Inktober part 3 (day 12-17)

Sorry for the lack of update! Has been busy!!

For this batch of Inktober I decided to do postcards.
All of these postcards are for friends that helped out during my solo trip to Japan. 
Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu! (truly I am thankful!)


All of them are done with ink pen and then colored using watercolor.(The colors are kinda faded and the value slightly darkened after being scanned into the computer...)

 Traditional painting is so much harder (I miss you ctrl+z) but I have to say its faster in a way because it does not allow you to noodle around since there is a limitation (e.g canvas)

Tho, there are so many mistakes and poor execution here and there, I sincerely hope they will like it!

Merry Xmas and Happy new year!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Inktober day 11

Day 11- Make haste my liege!
Wanted to do something dramatic for a change, inspired by manga like wolfsmund and the work of amazing Vargasni. I have been into armors recently and had tonnes of fun researching the diff type of armor... geeking out when I found some amazing ref over at pinterest xD

Done in pen and paper but did the color wash and font in photoshop.(The font is called comic ballon, I downloaded it from dafont website :D )

 I will attach the black and white below for comparison... as usual feel free to c & c!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Inktober day 10

Day 10
Its fun to go on an adventure with friends~!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Inktober part 2

After coming back from Bali, I am guilt ridden that I never completed inktober.. (+ I was being terrorized by my good friend Nana to finish it.. thanks girl!) So here are the continuation to inktober............ though more like inkcember by now :p

Day 7.
Just another hero on adventure asking for a direction from a nearby ogre.. 

Drawn using pencil and pen.. I am trying to learn drawing cleanly with pen and really struggling with it. It's past midnight here and my eyes and hand (and my patience) grew unsteady thus if you scrutinize the drawing you could see so many mistakes :x personally I felt the cleaned up sketches kinda lost a certain touch that existed in my rough sketch. But really had a lot fun doing this!

Day 8
"What are ya looking at?! Even minotaurs needs a proper balanced diet!" 
Trying out a new medium since my pen ran out of ink!!

Day 9
Hero Dispatch Center!

I was inspired to do this when I was having daily morning meeting at work. Just thinking how will heroes's  workplace looks like. I thought perhaps people from all over the country will send pigeons to the guild master with their requests and then they will send different hero party to do whatever is needed, from slaying the legendary behemoth or the journey to find the golden egg ...or simply a request to unclog your toilet! 

"Just send the pigeon and we will make it work!" Perhaps their motto could be as commercialized as that. :B

As a sidenote..... this drawing kinda saved my life.. cause I was still awake doing it when the power suddenly tripped. I left the room to find that there was a fire in the kitchen.. oh boy... how exciting is my life! :D

Bali trip + BIW 2014!

I had the opportunity to join the BIW 2014 batch 1! tonnes of fun and met so many awesome people! a lil bit sad that I could not see carla in action.. but oh well it was still a great experience! I will post up a char design I did over there when I finish with the fix up. Meanwhile, here are some sketches I did in Bali prior to the workshop.

While waiting for the plane, I encountered a very beautifully made horse statue.

In Ubud for the whole day. This was in Agung Rai Museum.

 Agung Rai Museum 2 I really love this spot.. it just look so beautiful.

Sketching in the hotel... something stink inside the room... is it me?!

Sketching in the hotel part 2.Arabian dude.

Inktober part 1

I tried to contribute to this year's inktober. Though due to various circumstances in life and "cough" holiday to japan, I stopped after day 6.

Day 1. Some Dwarfs. Learning to use brush pen..My hand kept shaking as I drew.

Day 2. Charging orcs army. Learning to be cleaner in lines and value.

Day 3."My long awaited first epic fight is against... A slime??!"

Day 4. "I am gonna be a (rich) hero!!" 
I have been reading too much of fantasy mmorpg novel... tried to do some watercolor wash over the inkworks just for fun.

Day 5. Just another dwarf on an adventure.

 Day 6. Koropukkuru and a cat sharing an umbrella.Wanted to try a softer look.
Was partly inspired by a meeting with mr pumpkin, a cute cat.

Sketches from Japan

Late post sketches from my trip to the land of the sun around a month ago.. posted not in any particular order :) This trip was truly an eye opener for me. I felt I changed a lot after going through this "self discovery" trip. I would highly recommend solo travel for anyone to try, at least once, in their lifetime!

I apologize for the Low quality images! it was all taken with my crappy phone :D Please do feel free to C&C or even share your own travel experience with me :)

On the plane.

On the train to NAMBA!

Hotel room.

Eating okonomiyaki!

On the train. Rainy day...

Climbing Fushimi Inari Temple..

My feet was about to break so I sat to sketch...

About to leave the temple but again my feet was killing me.

Rainy day in arashiyama..

Jidai matsuri. Would love to come back just to sketch the costumes!

More sketches from inside the train. Japanese people like to sleep on the train, it was rather cute.

Some random strangers.

...train sketches.. again

Nara... vs SHIKA AKUMA 

Inside Shinkansen

Freezing in Hamamatsu~

At fuji

Inside ryokan

Watching people moving furnitures


P.S I had a great opportunity to visit  Nubee Japan! Thanks for the warm welcome :) It was rather nostalgic.. and rather embarrassing that everyone saw my work.. I feel so ashamed that they seen my bad drawings.. oh whales xD I felt so inspired after seeing their works! Special thanks to Ayaka san for arranging the visit and Kanabaru sama for introducing me to all the artists!

This was actually a sketch on the office lobby  while waiting for my friends to finish their work before going to dinner together! The stamp was from Iga ninja museum that I stamped on my sketchbook but I ran out of sketchbook page when I wanted to draw this lobby :x 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quick Master Study

Hi there.
I found an awesome video by Noah Bradley teaching about master drawing practise. I have been dying to try it and since I finished my work earlier today I tried to do one quick one. I realized how off my drawing is! Definitely must try to do more.

The video

This is the reference

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ruins Jungle

RX-071 lit the cigarette. The nicotine taste spread throughout his taste bud.. it was..intoxicating.

"Are you sure you could do that? Won't captain be angry?"

RX-023, his ever anxious colleague tapped his shoulder. Fully equipped in his body armor, he stood in full alert..

"Heh its alright, he won't notice. Not when he is too busy learning about this god forsaken place." RX-071 puffed away at his cigarette. "Anyway relax, won't you? Take out your helmet and breath in some fresh air."

RX-023, shifted. He doesn't like this place.. uncharted territory, unfamiliar creature and.. they had been separated from their squad. "Its fine.. I feel more comfortable in this helmet.. We will never know what toxic gas the plants in this area could emit.."

"Hmm suit yourself...but if there is ever a toxic gas.. that insane captain ahead of us would have been dead long time ago." RX-071 chuckled.

"..I guess you are right.. but you know.. just in case.....Whats that?" RX-023 heard a strange sound, he looked around with the gun pointed in front of him.

"Just the birds... restless we intruded into their nests. Stop being so paranoid... the radar would have notified us of any strange prese..."

RX-023 never heard the rest of the sentence from his friend.

In my previous work I received various feedback and concluded my weakness to be:
1. Value
2. Composition
3. Material.

Thus in this work I try to address those.

I was reflecting what do I love when I do art.. I guess it has to be story telling, I had a premise of some ruins jungle when I started but as I painted I came out with some stories of this place. :D

Feel free to let me know what you guys feel about the work or about the horrendous story (with awesome-ly horrendous grammar <3)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fishing with Gryphon

Peaceful day fishing... with gryphon

Trying to make it looks polished... but failing badly at it.
I wonder how to improve it much more.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Low point

No art today, just want to share some thoughts

Firstly, a powerful video I found in youtube by Paul Klein

and another by Jim Carrey

Recently I have been pretty stressed and confused about my future path as artist.. to the point I wanted to throw in the towel and go back to my hometown and be a farmer (serious ;D ) I have been talking to more and more people, trying to hear about their life stories and getting wisdom from them. Reading on various articles on life, work, and success. 

Just at the lowest point in my life, a friend send me Jim carrey's video. His wise words broaden my horizon and made me goes back to the fundamental on why did I even choose this line... It was great to look back and tried to remember my roots and raison d'etre (one bucket list to cross! finally used this cool word)

As I was observing my lack of fundamental/traditional skills, I found this guy and I read up about his adventure @ CA forum. I remember seeing his post a couple years back when I was in school, to stumble upon his work again now and seeing how much he improved was very inspiring! I think as long as I have yet to work as hard as this guy, I cannot give up or whine. 

Pretty much distill it to two goals for myself this year.
1. Find my style/voice (inspired from my idol Terryl Whitlatch and Paul Klein's video)
2. Learn to polish my work.

Finally a motto that keeps me going for weeks now,
Success is a choice, so is failure. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wassup dude? Trying to read here.