Monday, December 1, 2014

Sketches from Japan

Late post sketches from my trip to the land of the sun around a month ago.. posted not in any particular order :) This trip was truly an eye opener for me. I felt I changed a lot after going through this "self discovery" trip. I would highly recommend solo travel for anyone to try, at least once, in their lifetime!

I apologize for the Low quality images! it was all taken with my crappy phone :D Please do feel free to C&C or even share your own travel experience with me :)

On the plane.

On the train to NAMBA!

Hotel room.

Eating okonomiyaki!

On the train. Rainy day...

Climbing Fushimi Inari Temple..

My feet was about to break so I sat to sketch...

About to leave the temple but again my feet was killing me.

Rainy day in arashiyama..

Jidai matsuri. Would love to come back just to sketch the costumes!

More sketches from inside the train. Japanese people like to sleep on the train, it was rather cute.

Some random strangers.

...train sketches.. again

Nara... vs SHIKA AKUMA 

Inside Shinkansen

Freezing in Hamamatsu~

At fuji

Inside ryokan

Watching people moving furnitures


P.S I had a great opportunity to visit  Nubee Japan! Thanks for the warm welcome :) It was rather nostalgic.. and rather embarrassing that everyone saw my work.. I feel so ashamed that they seen my bad drawings.. oh whales xD I felt so inspired after seeing their works! Special thanks to Ayaka san for arranging the visit and Kanabaru sama for introducing me to all the artists!

This was actually a sketch on the office lobby  while waiting for my friends to finish their work before going to dinner together! The stamp was from Iga ninja museum that I stamped on my sketchbook but I ran out of sketchbook page when I wanted to draw this lobby :x 

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