Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Practice Practice Practice!

Some watercolor gestures done @teadot. I forgot to bring my tools today... luckily Near is always equipped with various drawing materials. :P Thanks man!

Anyway, to share..

A random passerby sitting a distance away from me. He has many interesting gestures...seems like he is waiting for someone! Oh those orange circles, were from me warming up my rusty joints.. same goes with the random facial sketch. xD

The brush ran out of water when I was painting the lady and being the usual random earthling, too lazy to do something about it, I switched to pencil and drew another lady.

I have some more pages but they are horrifyingly ugly so I shall not taint your beautiful eyes with their existence :x


P.S: Comments are greatly appreciated!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Productive Day

Ho ho ho... long hiatus...

Dont worry, I have been drawing.. its just that there are too many to scan (Blame it on my laziness.) Anyway, here a compiled water color gestures.

Drawing with friends really beats drawing alone, it distracts your mind from thinking too much... hopefully my drawings are looser now..

Also doing a concept challenge w D A.K.A Near... This month theme is apple.

Here is a random thought process I did for it... There are also a few sketches/notes I did on paper... pray that comes a day I can move my lazy A$$ and scan them.

Roger, over and out.