Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Guardian of Forest (updated)

Hmm only after Im done that I realize the golem head looking up made a weird and awkward composition... maybe the lighting emphasized on that mistake even more...but.. time to move on... !!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Establishing Shot Thumbnails

Some thumbnails for upcoming painting. Going back to outdoor. I want to do epic establishing shot!!

Justice of the Empire - Prop Design

just posting up prop design I did for last week architecture. tried to explore a bit more on the lady justice design and in version B I tried to incorporate the spiral design from the bernini pillar.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hero HQ in 3D?!

I feel rather surprised and elated that Ian Ferguson ( decided to do a 3D model of my Noob Hero HQ! Looking forward to see the finished version!

On a side note I did this rough props turn around for him cause the concept I had was too rough to understand what was that. My apologies!

I was inspired by merman and fish scales and viking helm. (I have some soft spot for fin helmet due to Ragnarok online :x )

Thanks again ian!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Justice of the Empire

This week I continued on with the same environment/influence of papal architecture.

After the last painting, I was fortunate that my italian friend introduced me to some vatican architect (bernini etc) so I adopted his works into the design. This time the story I had in mind was the continuation of last week painting where the ruler dispatched assassins to assassinate one of the statesman. 

I took inspiration from Julius caesar where he was murdered by people he trusted so I thought these assassins could actually dressed like the bodyguards of the statesman, only to turn around and killed him.. ironically in a memorial chamber called hall of justice. 

I wanted the scene to have "betrayal" or "blinded justice" hence the lady justice are all blindfolded and facing outward. 

When I thought of betrayal I thought it has a tinge of sadness into it too so I made the middle statue drapery to be flowing downwards.. projecting calm and hopefully sorrow. 

In the final painting I kind of merged both of the designs together since I felt it works better that way. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Forest Guardian (ideation sketch)

I knew I wanted to do a creature, Guardian of the forest. But I started being kinda lost on what direction I would like to pursue.

So I started with just few keywords and line drawing and was quickly stuck on how to proceed. Then I switched to just drawing out all kinds of plants silhouettes and then set up few keywords to apply on those silhouettes. I have never used this silhouettes method traditionally before so it took me a while to get used to it and found that using a lighter copic marker seems to be a better choice so I can sketch on top of it.

In the last three pages I took some of the earlier silhouettes and try to flesh out more on the ideas. In page 6 I thought could be fun to try to make the forest guardian more golem/summon like so I started to put in some humanoid elements and knight like elements.

Also tried to flesh out my immovable creature idea and halfway I thought hey maybe it could be spider instead which brought me to more ideation in page 8. In page 7 I was trying to explore in the other direction of the guardian being creatures instead of golem. Though it would be quite an aggresive creature who can charge at the opponent thus I gave them tusk/horns/etc.

In page 8 I develop more on the spiders idea and started to play around with the limbs and thought could be cool if it has markings that could help to make it looks more intimidating to the opponents, like moth. Also gave it some spikes which could deal status damages to the opponent.

I have always been quite terrible and design and really hope to be able to learn more about it.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Darkness Of The Empire

I am currently in love with renaissance and holy roman empire!!

The story I had in mind was it is a papal state with lots of political intricacies underneath it. Here the two knights are briefed to do dirty work from the majestic empire.

I wanted the image to show that majestic feel yet somehow kind of oppressive. I was considering to use blue as the main light but it felt less majestic and more evil thus in the end I decided to stick with yellow sun sky light and play up the majestic red and used the blue as the soft backlight, affecting only the FG elements (in my mind I thought it could symbolize that the papacy would not dirty their own hands).

If you have any feedback on how to improve etc, please do feel free to share it with me!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Polished artwork

Took the thumbnails I did last week and polished them up.

The first one is adventurer off to challenge/ explore ancient ruins. Took some influence off norse myth on the helmet. The thumbnails had a more peaceful cloud but I wanted it to have more excitement so I changed it to be more diagonal and long.

Second one was changed and reworked quite a bit from the original thumbnails, I am deeply in love with renaissance period right now so I took a lot of influence from there and the holy roman empire. Tried to incorporate multiple story telling into one picture. Wonder whether it worked well?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fundamentals #4

Art Drop Day artwork

The full version of the art drop day artwork!

Due to technical difficulties and time constraint I was only able to update the location on instagram and facebook! >_< I apologize if you were waiting for it. Please do add me in fb or follow me in instagram for a quicker future update!

It had been claimed by a fellow artist, thank you so much yanhao!