Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some random after work/lunch practice. Practicing my speed, limited to 10-30 mins! Also experimenting on diff stuff, blending option etc.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wohooo! Finally an update! Work has been crazy recently :D its fun though, to the point of me breaking down and laughing non stop!

Haha following, is a page of doodles from outing w my goodmates.

This one is done when I was bored @ work. I apologize to the model, I will improve my skill and draw a much better picture of you next time. The photo was from 5sec face, a project that took place not long ago. Read more regarding the awesome project @ facebook! One of my friend, Annabella was featured in one of the photos :D

The next two was done for a weekly challenge done w friends :D Its based on ENRIQUE IGLESIAS's music entitled "FREE" that was assigned by my friend to me. This is my first time drawing a werewolf and my conclusion after was, "Holy mama, so much deterioration in my proportions!"

Last but not least, just a R@ndom BOW WOW!