Monday, December 1, 2014

Inktober part 1

I tried to contribute to this year's inktober. Though due to various circumstances in life and "cough" holiday to japan, I stopped after day 6.

Day 1. Some Dwarfs. Learning to use brush pen..My hand kept shaking as I drew.

Day 2. Charging orcs army. Learning to be cleaner in lines and value.

Day 3."My long awaited first epic fight is against... A slime??!"

Day 4. "I am gonna be a (rich) hero!!" 
I have been reading too much of fantasy mmorpg novel... tried to do some watercolor wash over the inkworks just for fun.

Day 5. Just another dwarf on an adventure.

 Day 6. Koropukkuru and a cat sharing an umbrella.Wanted to try a softer look.
Was partly inspired by a meeting with mr pumpkin, a cute cat.

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