Friday, June 27, 2014

Low point

No art today, just want to share some thoughts

Firstly, a powerful video I found in youtube by Paul Klein

and another by Jim Carrey

Recently I have been pretty stressed and confused about my future path as artist.. to the point I wanted to throw in the towel and go back to my hometown and be a farmer (serious ;D ) I have been talking to more and more people, trying to hear about their life stories and getting wisdom from them. Reading on various articles on life, work, and success. 

Just at the lowest point in my life, a friend send me Jim carrey's video. His wise words broaden my horizon and made me goes back to the fundamental on why did I even choose this line... It was great to look back and tried to remember my roots and raison d'etre (one bucket list to cross! finally used this cool word)

As I was observing my lack of fundamental/traditional skills, I found this guy and I read up about his adventure @ CA forum. I remember seeing his post a couple years back when I was in school, to stumble upon his work again now and seeing how much he improved was very inspiring! I think as long as I have yet to work as hard as this guy, I cannot give up or whine. 

Pretty much distill it to two goals for myself this year.
1. Find my style/voice (inspired from my idol Terryl Whitlatch and Paul Klein's video)
2. Learn to polish my work.

Finally a motto that keeps me going for weeks now,
Success is a choice, so is failure. 

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