Friday, October 15, 2010


tomorrow you will harvest the seeds you sow today. What kind of seeds do you need to sow today, so tomorrow turns into the dream you have always wanted?-Unknown

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Thought

Just a thought in the middle of a night...

Drawing..I feel that its an honest medium... Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... that quote hold true when someone sees our art work.. and thus comments are very subjective. But when more than one person critics regarding the same thing, that is when we know something is not working..

And in drawing, we can truly see when someone puts in effort and when someone is not. Well putting more time in one drawing is not necessarily good, at times it pays to work smart. But working smart comes from working hard and experiencing it and then learning to cheat and cutting corners at the right places.

And at times, I do feel drawing can be very unforgiving.. especially to beginner artist.. I am also one :)

Since comment is subjective, its at times hard to know which comment is right and not. At times, it pays to know what we want.. but in the end, client is always right.. I always think its good to be democratic and slither around the rule.. Do what is expected of you, yet still do it your way...

One thing that I really want to stress here, is.. learn to forgive yourself and your art... A lot of people gave up drawing.. because they took it too seriously.. and they think they suck at it. There are many times when I also want to give up... and many times that I feel like I should just hate my work cause its just that bad... but at the end of the day.. drawing should be FUN!

That is one thing we always lost when we try to learn art.. we took it too seriously, like a subject that must be thought and ponder over like maths or literature.. true that many factors have to be thought over when designing and drawing, but in the end, loosen up your ties and have fun!

There is no one way solution is doing a drawing. And its not a subject that we can snap our fingers and do well. No matter who tell me their baby is a Picasso, I do not buy that. That baby is a Picasso, because he/she had fun and keep on doing it until they have a masterpiece.

Art, to me, is really subject that is honest in showing the love and care placed into a work. I, myself, am still green and still so much more to learn and do.. but while I am doing this, I do not ever want to hate art.. so lets have FUN!


Here is a card for my ex colleagues!!

I R BABOON! *sniff sniff*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Google - Lennon, John

Nice ad

Don't stop being inspired! Here is a short and sweet advert..

Face studies

Face studies in COREL Painter X, I am starting to love chalk!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Head studies 02

I was just doing head studies... and then fooled around with photoshop again :)

Head studies 01

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dragon-WIP 4.1

Run Cycle Rough

2D animation Run Cycle, Done purely in Photoshop.. (25f/s)

30-45 mins to sketch out... another 2 hour ++ to figure out/recall how to animate in Photoshop xD

And nope I am not going to refine it... I was just doing this for fun.. : D

Dragon-WIP 4

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dragon-WIP 3

Still on goin, I could not finish it in time for the competition.. will push it more!

Sorry for slow update, settling lots of issue at the moment : o

Comment from Mr.Redz1
1. Forms (legs and creature in it)
2. Light then tone