Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ruins Jungle

RX-071 lit the cigarette. The nicotine taste spread throughout his taste bud.. it was..intoxicating.

"Are you sure you could do that? Won't captain be angry?"

RX-023, his ever anxious colleague tapped his shoulder. Fully equipped in his body armor, he stood in full alert..

"Heh its alright, he won't notice. Not when he is too busy learning about this god forsaken place." RX-071 puffed away at his cigarette. "Anyway relax, won't you? Take out your helmet and breath in some fresh air."

RX-023, shifted. He doesn't like this place.. uncharted territory, unfamiliar creature and.. they had been separated from their squad. "Its fine.. I feel more comfortable in this helmet.. We will never know what toxic gas the plants in this area could emit.."

"Hmm suit yourself...but if there is ever a toxic gas.. that insane captain ahead of us would have been dead long time ago." RX-071 chuckled.

"..I guess you are right.. but you know.. just in case.....Whats that?" RX-023 heard a strange sound, he looked around with the gun pointed in front of him.

"Just the birds... restless we intruded into their nests. Stop being so paranoid... the radar would have notified us of any strange prese..."

RX-023 never heard the rest of the sentence from his friend.

In my previous work I received various feedback and concluded my weakness to be:
1. Value
2. Composition
3. Material.

Thus in this work I try to address those.

I was reflecting what do I love when I do art.. I guess it has to be story telling, I had a premise of some ruins jungle when I started but as I painted I came out with some stories of this place. :D

Feel free to let me know what you guys feel about the work or about the horrendous story (with awesome-ly horrendous grammar <3)