Monday, December 1, 2014

Bali trip + BIW 2014!

I had the opportunity to join the BIW 2014 batch 1! tonnes of fun and met so many awesome people! a lil bit sad that I could not see carla in action.. but oh well it was still a great experience! I will post up a char design I did over there when I finish with the fix up. Meanwhile, here are some sketches I did in Bali prior to the workshop.

While waiting for the plane, I encountered a very beautifully made horse statue.

In Ubud for the whole day. This was in Agung Rai Museum.

 Agung Rai Museum 2 I really love this spot.. it just look so beautiful.

Sketching in the hotel... something stink inside the room... is it me?!

Sketching in the hotel part 2.Arabian dude.

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