Monday, December 1, 2014

Inktober part 2

After coming back from Bali, I am guilt ridden that I never completed inktober.. (+ I was being terrorized by my good friend Nana to finish it.. thanks girl!) So here are the continuation to inktober............ though more like inkcember by now :p

Day 7.
Just another hero on adventure asking for a direction from a nearby ogre.. 

Drawn using pencil and pen.. I am trying to learn drawing cleanly with pen and really struggling with it. It's past midnight here and my eyes and hand (and my patience) grew unsteady thus if you scrutinize the drawing you could see so many mistakes :x personally I felt the cleaned up sketches kinda lost a certain touch that existed in my rough sketch. But really had a lot fun doing this!

Day 8
"What are ya looking at?! Even minotaurs needs a proper balanced diet!" 
Trying out a new medium since my pen ran out of ink!!

Day 9
Hero Dispatch Center!

I was inspired to do this when I was having daily morning meeting at work. Just thinking how will heroes's  workplace looks like. I thought perhaps people from all over the country will send pigeons to the guild master with their requests and then they will send different hero party to do whatever is needed, from slaying the legendary behemoth or the journey to find the golden egg ...or simply a request to unclog your toilet! 

"Just send the pigeon and we will make it work!" Perhaps their motto could be as commercialized as that. :B

As a sidenote..... this drawing kinda saved my life.. cause I was still awake doing it when the power suddenly tripped. I left the room to find that there was a fire in the kitchen.. oh boy... how exciting is my life! :D

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