Sunday, February 8, 2015


In my mind they are comrades that are being chased by group of enemy soldiers, when one of them suffered from heavy injuries... knowing his end is near, he handed his friend a family heirloom with a request that it be passed to his family. In the far distance, they could hear the hunting dogs howling and barking.. excited from the scent of blood....the enemies are approaching fast..

With no time to spare,  he told his friend to leave him behind...

"Make haste! Don't die a dog's death like mine... Godspeed brother!"

Been wanting to do a tragic snow scene. Trying to slow down my speed too, to focus more on polishing and studying the poses and textures before moving forth to painting the real thing. Attached below is my studies for the bark and snow textures. If I have time I will try to scan the poses studies. :)

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