Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Meet sir Brixtannia Cannon.

The Spanish conquistadors whose mustache is peerless in the whole wide world. Though that seems to be the only good thing about him.. He ain't exactly a just man nor is he smart. In fact he loves attentions, especially from the señora~, as much as he loves the bribes he receives every single day!

He commands a troop of loyal followers (who are all always in awe of his mustache for their species are hairless) who does all his dirty works. From cleaning the toilet to serving him his daily dose of cocktails, they are always at sir Brixtannia service! (24/7 except when the soap dramas are on the tv of course!)

Born to a long lineage of nobility, he is very lazy .. *cough* I mean he is a gentleman. And gentleman does not dirty their own hands, instead he will commmand his loyal troops to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the world!

Thus his troops are always carrying the cannon around, in case there are any citizen that displease their lord which seems to happen pretty often.


A piece i did in BIW 2014 i thought i would have time to try to do the fixups as advised by the instructors..
in the end never found the time to do so. Urged by my friend who asked me to just upload it and move on.. I decided to do so.. :)

I imagined it as a game like TF or Dynasty warrior in casual form. His normal attack could be just a sword hack and slash.

His special attack would be the troop's cannon shot. It could be a fun factor too if the bullet is randomized, it could be a normal bomb or maybe fiery bomb that does AOE or even a freezing type of bomb.

Quite a fun piece to do! Please let me know what do you think about it ^^

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