Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pranking A Yeti!

Snowy theme #3!
The backstory that I established was of a boy who met a witch girl when he was out to play.They became a fast friend since they both enjoyed the same activity...of playing pranks. (...its something I enjoyed as well so I had a lot of fun painting it :p) They would dig traps or disturb hibernating creatures. The boy has a dog who always got into alot of trouble because of his hobby.. like courage the cowardly dog! (one of my fave cartoon!)

I have had an idea of kids playing prank on a golem or monster for a while. I had another sketch before this but ended up scrapping it cause it didn't read very well. The yeti dude went through a couple iteration before he became a yeti (nature golem->crystal golem->snow golem-> *gasp* yeti!) In this painting, I am continuing the style exploration I set out to do since I cannot make up my mind yet what type of style I enjoyed. Its pretty fun to do too since this and the scene painting I did prior to this are both about snow but they are so different in terms of color and mood... and saturated color is definitely out of my comfort zone which is pretty fresh to learn about!

Please, as always, do feel free to leave any feedback or comment so I can learn from you!

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