Monday, March 16, 2015

Owley Scarface

Naval Commander Owley Scarface
As scary as the scar on his face!

I thought it would be fun to share my Owl dude thought process.
Let me know what you think about it :)

Recently had some talk with my friend ca-tha-na (not her real name :p) about the importance of design. 

So I thought I will try my best to put in more thoughts into the design. Which was also the reason why I had another steps of design polish..

Step 1:
I started researching after having overall idea that this dude has to be someone that Ratty Cheesybeard is truly scared of and he has to be kinda like an arch enemy or villain to the story. My key word was pretty much intimidating discipline and naval captain..

I quickly Sketch in rough paper. Just vomiting out as many ideas as I could. Before settling down to some silhouette and design language I like. Square. Trapezium. Heavy Top. 

Step 2:
Just polishing the design... and while doing that I also try to put in something I truly enjoy which was character development and back story. With that in mind, as I was refining the design I also try to simplify and push the pose and design language. There was so much of erasing and trial and error here x_x 

Step 3:
Just inking and coloring.

Tried several color but I like this two best. I keep stressing to myself that it must be different color from Mr Ratty! Perhaps a color that would feel like they are antagonizing him. 

Purple since it has poisonous/venomous feel and green since its complimentary color to red.

Last Step: 

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