Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Enter the noob hero!

Born of peasant parentage,
in a palace we call village.
Now that he is of age.
and being the only teenage.

Wooden sword he carry
His guide a pocket fairy
He should not tarry
Lest the villagers unhappy

So off he goes to slay a monster
Or to be chase by king slime!


I grew up playing RPG and stuff so as I thought of what would the young me would love to draw, I decided to do some fantasy rpg influenced design.

Hero Exploration sketches.

The Hero is a village boy (since most hero always start off in a village o_o).. the only young man in the village, the moment he grew up he was made to help out around the village. From slaying slimes to gathering legendary herb that grow on the top of a charging bull dragon.

I started the design with thought of a beginner hero.. but later on I went a bit too far and made him look a bit too advanced. Then I thought of armor that they could make from surrounding materials and thought of acorn armor (Too much monhun in my life :x its awesome tho)

Companion Exploration sketches. 

In then end I went with companion E since in my mind she has similar personality as Olaf in frozen. Would be fun to see her saying very very innocently inappropriate things. In my finished version above, I imagine her eating the last healing herb in the hero's pocket and when he was injured she would hand him the half eaten herb while saying

"Master.. I think  you need this!"

(updated the image after some feedback!)

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