Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yesterday I went to Ms. Junko's (She is my fine arts teacher from studio Miu.)exhibition @ 72 Loewen rd. She did abstract paintings of her personal studio located at the same location. It was very interesting when she explained to us, how she did the paintings and the reason behind it. Her paintings were like documentations of her day there. The colour she used represented her emotions and stuffs. It was really enlightening! She also used an interesting technique to paint the paintings! She actually stood in a place where she can see the shadow of the trees and flowers on the canvas, and traced them using paints.

She also exhibited her sketches, they were so darn beautiful! I really wanted to snatch them and escape with them xD Thank you teach! For inviting us to go to your exhibition! It was great!

Ah because of that (*uhum* plus my lazyness...) I only did one gesture, from watching Shiroi Haru again! Well, I guess its kind of a habit... I always need to keep my hands moving whenever I reading manga or watching...

Also, I posted up together with yesterday's update... Gestures from Shiroi Haru ep 4 and 5, result of today's itchy hands! [Sorry to bore you to death! I will post up something different tomorrow!]

Now, to something different. I drew it earlier, when I woke up from my slumber. I guess its the result of last night durian feast and l4d fiesta. I dreamt of watching someone botak (louis-lookalike), almost murdered when suddenly the murderer said, "Something is stink here..." and I just knew he meant durian. Then, I woke up xD It was amusing really...

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