Monday, June 12, 2017

Face Value Study

I have been musing how to come up with my own style for a while now..

Recently, something clicked on my mind on one of the solo sketching trip I had. Just gonna write it here so I could look back and remember it in case I lost my way again or if one day people like me, could read it and help them to find their own path!

I think style could be how a person view the world.. kinda like a journal of the person’s life. What is important, whats not, whats their personal interest and what does the person want to experiment and delve into at that moment.

Currently, on a personal level, I really enjoy trying simplify everything, to group things up as much as possible. I especially like how Gustav Klimt simplify his subjects! Also, I specially chose to do referenced photo studies so that I don’t have to think too much in terms of design and I could experiment on the more artistic side.

The reason why I am prioritizing to simplify the subject is due to the fact that eversince I was in school, I have had a habit of over complicating things and trying to draw everything I see. This make things very hard to fix later on and I ended up spend so much time on one piece ( not in a good way).. also I often confused myself and lost track of what was it that I wanted to do.

Its really reinvigorating to find this realization! I get excited to do my dailies now since its a space and special time for me to try and experiment.

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