Sunday, May 22, 2016

Environment Design Linework

I am really bad with linework so this was an attempt to be better at it..  as a consolation though, it was really fun to design the environment.

For the first two image I was heavily inspired by Japanese culture, since I was just there not that long ago and took tonnes of ref images so I wanted to use them. I tried to push in them in totally opposite direction from each other, with the first one more of a ancient samurai statue/golem that had gone through decays and taken over by nature. I thought it would also be interesting to have the torii gate as the sword instead of the normal katana as a way to create unique spin to the culture and I thought it would also be fun to have perhaps a broken helmet, maybe fallen down from one of the statue as a way for the character to go up and get a better view of the surrounding or if its a stage design, it could be reused later on as part of the puzzle or obstacles.

In the second image I was thinking of waterfall/dam and castle. This time around I took some influence from the japanese mask and demon and tried to integrate it to the building to try to create sort of a demon city. I was worried to over detail the building at the background ..and was not sure how much detail is good to place there.

In the third image I went to totally different direction and used influence from egypt culture, I thought of some religious ground or temple. with a misty/sandstorm-ish background of far away buildings.

(THE REF IMAGES here are all grabbed online and is not taken by me)

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