Sunday, May 1, 2016

ART STATION Journey Submission!

Hello everyone! I decided to join artstation JOURNEY art challenge!

Here are my thumbnails for my submission. Had an idea about a journey of a son of a demon king who set off in a ritual passage to be a full grown demon. In some of the thumbnails I imagined him as having a royal procession as he sets off on his sacred journey to conquer the human world, in others I trimmed it to just him or him and his mount (minotaur/other mythical creature)
After doing the thumbnails, I decided to try to splash some colors to try to find some plausible mood for the journey. At first I tried to stick with the 3 keywords I gave myself but I thought it was limiting the possibilities so in some occasions I deviated from it. I was thinking of proceeding with 2C or 1C. If you have any suggestion on the mood/how to improve upon these or which do you think are the better choice.. please do let me know :D

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