Thursday, January 14, 2016



  1. Hey there R@andom! I really enjoy your works! I'm debating weather to join fzd or just digipen in digital art and animation whats your take in that. :)
    P.S would be great if you could email me and chat alittle more :D

  2. Hey man, thanks for the compliment.

    Are you based in singapore?
    I have never studied in digipenn so I cant share my experience for that school but I will try to share what I thought of fzd. I am writing all of this based on my own exp so I can not guarantee it would be the same for everyone

    Personally FZD was a life changing experience for me since it instilled into me fundamental and discipline that I needed to embark on my journey as artist..(Before that I was totally clueless how to even do so)
    It also surrounded me with various awe inspiring schoolmates. Of course, it was not an easy road to take since they always expect you to perform the best or more that you could.
    The pressure and the sleepless nights often means you would be physically and emotionally unhealthy.
    It broke many people.. even after graduations I knew some people who still could not cope with the memories and became scared of drawing (PTSD? :x)

    Frankly I was one of the worst student in the beginning, I could not cope and had difficulty grasping the fundamental.
    But I was lucky I had plenty of supportive classmates who are willing to push me. And in that one year I feel my skills improved so much.
    It was also a character building experience for me.. I felt I graduated with a more mature and driven thinking.. Thus I never regret entering fzd.

    Now, realistically speaking.. In singapore at least, I know of many students who graduated who could not find a job and a couple of friends who interviewed the students also complained that the portfolios are too similar.
    That is because, in my opinion, FZD is more of a school of thoughts and design.. catered for concept artist.. meanwhile, most of local companies are looking for production artist who could do tonnes of stylization and polishing.
    So there is a mismatch in terms of supply and demand.

    At the end of the day.. I cannot recommend and would not recommend any school for you because you have to tailor your own learning journey.
    Nowadays there are so many other alternatives to just colleges and schools.. with the existence of various art groups in social medias and various online school you dont have to limit yourself to just this two options.
    Here is noah bradley's article that talked about these alternatives route

    Every choice you pick will have pro and cons. So you would have to ask yourself

    what is it that you truly want to do as an artist? Creating your own world? Creating your own story? Or making your own brand? Or mastery of the craft?
    Are you looking to be concept artist? producion artist? comic artist? illustrator etc
    Is degree important for you and your family?
    Is money/fame important for you and your family?
    What do you want to achieve in school?
    What skills do you want to master?

    It seems like a couple of simple questions but give them some thoughts before honestly answering cause it would help you to decide. (Dont need to tell anyone you can just answer it in your own mind)

    Good luck and I sincerely hope I managed to help you.
    (I only use my email for work, if you would like to chat with me you can find me in fb :) )