Thursday, September 17, 2015

Justice of the Empire

This week I continued on with the same environment/influence of papal architecture.

After the last painting, I was fortunate that my italian friend introduced me to some vatican architect (bernini etc) so I adopted his works into the design. This time the story I had in mind was the continuation of last week painting where the ruler dispatched assassins to assassinate one of the statesman. 

I took inspiration from Julius caesar where he was murdered by people he trusted so I thought these assassins could actually dressed like the bodyguards of the statesman, only to turn around and killed him.. ironically in a memorial chamber called hall of justice. 

I wanted the scene to have "betrayal" or "blinded justice" hence the lady justice are all blindfolded and facing outward. 

When I thought of betrayal I thought it has a tinge of sadness into it too so I made the middle statue drapery to be flowing downwards.. projecting calm and hopefully sorrow. 

In the final painting I kind of merged both of the designs together since I felt it works better that way. 

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