Friday, July 17, 2015

Tribes people Concept Exploration

The tribes people believe strongly in the power of nature. They live in accordance of the season and they reject technology, preferring to rely solely on the nature. Brought up to follow a strict rituals and moral code, the tribes people are kind and warm hearted people.They treat monsters as fellow living creatures and despise the upper world heavy reliance on  the iron harness. 

They worship the dragons, believing it as messenger of the world and protector of their people thus traveler would often see the triangle patterns and dragon heads on their architecture and clothes. The triangles patterns represent fang of the dragon which symbolize power and vitality. Dragon represent protection.
Tribeswoman exploration sketch.

A matriarchal society, their chief is the wisest woman of the tribe. The next chief is often chosen before they are even of age by a series of quests given by the current chieftain. Once chosen, she will be groomed and would learn secrets of the world that are hidden even to the tribes people. 

 Tribesman exploration sketch.

The tribes daily work tend to rotate around the nature such as farming, harvesting seasonal items, herding Mo-Fluff (sheep like creature), and making salves or fur to sell. The young would help out with work but will go to the chief house in the afternoon to learn from her. Their studies includes herbalism, legends and lores, bestiaries, trading and wisdom.

The tribe favorite past time includes playing music(Singing, lute and harmonica) and story telling by the great chief.

Recently, the only adults left in the tribes are the elderly, the disabled and a few young children. There was a great famine and coupled with irrational behavior of the wild monster, sparked a worry in the community. The chief conferred with the wisest of the tribes and decided to seek help from the capital in the upper world, they sent off a number of wise people as delegates...but they never returned.

A number of able bodied man and woman decided to set off to find out why.. but again, time passed on and they didn't return, so more was sent off... and more and more... until there was no one else to go but the noobhero.


"To live is to be in harmony with the nature's heartbeat. To die is return to the embrace of the earth. We are the children of the wind. Our footsteps are light and fleeting but our spirit is strong and fiery. May the spirit light up our path and darkness veil our sorrow."- Tribe Song

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