Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Working and toiling

The tribes people are early riser since they tend to plan their daily work around the rhythm of nature. Their works include things such as farming, harvesting seasonal items, herding Mo-Fluff (sheep like creature), and making salves or sheering fur to sell. Morning are always the most hectic time for them since the bulk of the work has to be done before the sun is up high on the sky where it could get too hot to do heavy work.

The young would help out with work but will go to the chief house in the afternoon to learn from her. Their studies includes herbalism, legends and lores, bestiaries, trading and wisdom.

In the afternoon, the farmer would take a nap and rest or do some light works such as making salves or handicrafts. When evening comes and sun not too bright, they would go back to farming or fixing houses.They would stop once dusk approaches and their body aches.

It is then, time to rest and get together with their beloved friends and families.

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