Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Revenge of the spammers

Being a lazy human, I am always hunting for the best shortcut to everything. My brain is always searching for ways to make my life easier and more convenient... But one thing that I learnt, in life, the shortcut of happiness is usually the rocky one, full of sorrow and suffering and... Joy (Literally.). So many times I thought that its easier to give in and run away... but I forced myself to stay. I am thankful for friendships and encouragement of various people I met... its because of you guys that I am still persevering. And for the chances that are given to me by people who trust that I am responsible enough to do work with them. Thank you, I learnt alot from all of you.

Therefore, please do not say that you want to improve and refuse to do something about it. THAT IS ONE THING I CANNOT STAND! I personally find it very insulting when I heard someone say that because it feels like all the time I spent on trying to polish my skills meant nothing. There is FRIGGING no magical potion of +100 creative skills (at least not yet.). For one thing, I don't believe in talent, sure someone can pick up faster than someone else... but everything is possible in this world as long as you continue moving. Having no time is not a reason. You can draw anytime, anywhere. You are just convincing yourself that you have no time. Please... everyone is busy...

I believe one of my ex-teacher, ms Gail words strongly. Its the matter of want or need. If you need it, YOU WILL MAKE THE TIME FOR IT.

Stop whining that you are not improving or you suck... WHEN YOU ARE NOT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Stop being drama mama, nobody in the whole world is going to help you, if you are not willing to do something about it.

Thats all I want to say, I am sorry if you feel insulted, feel free to come to me and assault me for it... I just want to say the thing that been bugging me. I am not the best artist in the whole world, maybe just average or even SUCK. But you know what? At least I am DOING something about it and I can die bragging that I did.

Enough whining. Peace people! :p


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