Sunday, April 4, 2010

Practice: Buildings

Weekly practice, @ esplanade. Before and after... I think I improved slightly ^^a.
Well, as usual after each session, me and Near will exchange our sketchbook and comments. He says I do not have problem on establishing my depth (FG,MG,BG) but I still can improve on those for sure. And as usual, I have to be neater in my work!I have heard this comment ever since I am merely a brat and I agree...always! But curse my lazy bones! :p

Another two notable weakness are my perspective and shading.

Please do take your time and comment on my work! Even if you think it would be harsh I think I am sturdy enough to take it... so go ahead! Happy slamming my work! After all, medicine is always bitter. :p

After a long while without reading a book, I became grumpy... from the lack of a single dose of fantasy stories. In that desperation, I happen to pass through a book rental shop. Haggard looking from pain (wisdom tooth) and lack of sleep, I questioned (tortured?) the uncle for a list of new books I had surfed on the net earlier. Unfortunately he does not have all of those yet... those will be in a couple more months =_=a

In the end, I asked him for a recommendation. And he gave me a fantasy classic! Raymond E Feist's Magician. This is the first time I really read his book (Not accounting the Empire Trilogy, which he wrote with Janny Wurts.) Since, I am occupied recently, I could only read bit by bit.. so far (At chapter 2) its quite a promising start to an epic adventure! I am just getting to the nice part!

So, Ciao for now!

Quote of the week:
"Admire Me, but touch me not"-- One of the signboard in Singapore Zoo

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