Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wyvern Fortress : Royal Office

In contrast from the banquet hall which has a slightly rugged atmosphere, the royal office exudes a serene and calming aura. Located on the higher part of the fortress, it could get slightly chilly. A huge fireplace had been constructed to make it more comfortable. The nation's royal flag stands proudly on the center of the fireplace, demanding attention and respect from whomever is in the room.

The office double as a space to entertain various ambassadors and visitors thus more decoration has been added into it.. that also includes the gifts that had been brought in by them. As the years past, various exotic rare goods was also purposely brought in as an effort to increase the grandeur and please the discerning eyes of the noble visitors.


Has been working on this on and off between worktime.. I was reading a background drawing tutorial by Thomas Romain that was posted on kotaku and took this chance to try it out and experiment on a different pipeline.

Wyvern Fortress project had always been intended for the purposes of experimenting with my linework and background pipelines. So look forward to see more of this series as I experiment with stuff  ;)

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