Friday, October 16, 2015

Chikei pt2, sunset shooter and phantom of the opera tribute..

 ‎inktober‬ 2015 day 12 - <Chikei Subduing Dragon of the East>-
 ‎inktober‬ 2015 day 13 - <Sunset Shooter>-

‎inktober‬ 2015 day 14 - <Phantom's request>-

This is a piece I have been meaning to do for a while now, Phantom of the opera is definitely my favorite musical of all time, especially after watching the 25th anniversary version. 

During the last moment, where Christine went back to give the ring to phantom, I always wished she would stay with him instead of leaving with Raoul. I pondered, had things gone differently, would she stayed with him.. is there such universe where she stayed with him and accepted him for what he is. Please do give the musical a watch and listen to the song as you view this image for full experience hehe :D

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