Sunday, August 16, 2015


The Realest Comic About Growing Up Asian American, And Hating Yourself

This was an interesting read for me, not that I have truly felt the cruelty of racism but recently I experienced a moment where I was looked down for my job choice. I told myself not to get affected by it, since it was such a small thing and i thought it did not.. but it actually did. I was down for a few days and I could not understand why. Felt like I was hollow inside. Then I realized it was a taste of sorrow, humiliation and a strange feeling like my life work being shirked off. It made me small about myself. (After realizing it tho, I found ways to manage that feeling and I still love what I do no matter what.)

Not that I can blame the people who did it. Artist job is not exactly the most stellar in the whole world.. we don't get paid with millions of bucks, we don't get credited almost half of the time, we work nonstop... we do get exploited though and since most of us are "living the dream", and we tend to intentionally let it happen praying that our dream comes true. People often relate the word artist to contemporary art gallery with abstract works too so its very hard for them to truly understand what we do day to day.

But hey... hell yeah its really a fun life!

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. 
- Mark Twain

Also, silver lining of the whole story was that, hopefully it taught me a lesson not to grow old to be an elitist.

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