Monday, May 18, 2015

Adventure of NoobHero: Attack of the Slime King!


Continuing the adventure of noobhero..
This is my attempt to portray the first boss he will encounter.. the customary SLIME KING!! (ta-da!)

Still image version:

I am pretty excited to do this series and would love to continue exploring the world the noobhero resides in. Definitely let me know if there are anything to improve or even just to comment regarding this world I have in mind.

Below I wrote a bit of story on how I imagine the quest will unfold:


Old Maiden in distress:

"There has been an infestation of slime in the area recently!

Their odors and grimes has been an utter nightmare!!  We have had to clean the yard over and over again due to their grimes! And every time their king burp, the wild animals ends up running out of the forest in fear and wrecked havoc on our fertile land!

Please young hero! You've got to help us!"


His fairy guide started shining and chattered in high pitch,

"MASTER!  MASTER! You've got your first quest! Will you accept it?"  

The young hero, who was eager to stop scrubbing the chief's pot and floor, nodded his head enthusiastically. After registering the quest with the pocket fairy (who still cant stop chattering), he checked his pocket bag.

Herbs, check. Antidote, check. Fairy food, check! Seems like he is all ready for the challenge!

In excitement, he dashed all the way to  the village entrance... stopping just a step before it was officially out of the village safe zone. The young hero took a deep breath in an attempt to control his nervousness and excitement.. it instead became a funny contorted smile.. 

"What a weird smile!! Oh~ weirdo master! Weirdo master!" The fairy guide flew around him and giggled. 

Ignoring the fairy's mockery, he took that final step.

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