Friday, June 10, 2011


Just think I should update what I have been up to nowadays... been busy with this project.. truly a great struggle with it.. : o learn so much though! Here it is! Its still WIP.. planning to work on it until the holiday is done... Hopefully I can have some portfolio pieces out of it :)

Now seeing it again.. so many design flaws! and GOD HELP ME, some POSES AND ANATOMY, when I see again, horrified me... >_< Please do go ahead and critique it! :)

( I was too ambitious for this holiday.. wanted to make all of my pieces as portfolio but after struggling and hating myself for wasting time.. I decided to focus on smaller number and perhaps higher quality! and to show a different aspect of my skill! Thanks to Near and Jing for the advise! I will post what I am up to soon ;) )

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