Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am not happy with number 2 and 3... but dunno how to improve them.. anyway.. lets see what the comment will be~!

img (c) Corbis


  1. These are really good paintings! Just an opinion. The last painting, the scale of the character, are a little big. Becoz those mountains feels like taken from a very high place. Your character would be a... little bigger than a tiny dot. But the color and feel is really good. I loves these paintings!

  2. Woah thanks Kai!! :) ah I understand, thanks! Will keep that in mind :)

  3. Yeah i love this set! i like 1,3,4, agree with kai about the size relation for 4, but on the whole i think you're improving at a vast pace! keep at it, i really can't wait to see more!